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  • Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams Rulebook

    Advanced Team vs. Team Mechanics for the Pathfinder RPG

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    Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams Rulebook


    Conflict PvP adds light-weight rules like the Battlepoint system, allowing players to measure their crazy character builds, while keeping combat fair and consistent for everyone.

    Six important things that makes Conflict PvP more than just area combat

    There are more than just six things, but here's what we could fit on the page:

    1. Surprise! Sometimes it makes more sense not to lay a finger on your opponent. Conflict is driven by Objectives and Goals, not kills (at least not always). There are 15 distinct Match Types. Some matches are focused on slaying and some are focused on strategy, where you'll need to work around and deceive your opponents to get the win.
    2. You can sprinkle Conflict PvP into your campaign without ruining it! There are several sections throughout the book dedicated to adding a little PvP into existing and new campaigns. In fact, you’ll find organized lists of plot hooks, magic items, artifacts, rule adjustments, and dos and don’ts for adding PvP to your existing Pathfinder campaign, allowing this book to double as a terrific GM resource.
    3. Teamwork is a must! When players get together and plan their party composition (i.e. the number of wizards, fighters, thieves, etc..), plus execute their strategy, they are likely to take the prize. In Conflict PvP, teams that plan to win tend to win!
    4. Conflict PvP Tournaments: Heck yeah! Conflict Games is giving away Tournament Kits to any brick-and-mortar retailers who ask for one, supplying prize support, online kill-boards, and new Match Types to keep the tournaments fresh. Conflict Games will also attend conventions and meet-ups, and host matches everywhere they can, all in an effort to give you the chance to kick some ...
    5. Hidden Movement is Real! You can't have player vs. player without stealth. Conflict PvP has figured this out with our Passcards: sheets used to privately provide the Game Master or teammates with details of what a player is planning or where they are going. Passcards are used to communicate both hidden movement and secret tactics.
    6. Conflict PVP is a framework made for you:Ultimately this is a framework that you can build on. With each part of Conflict PvP, we guide you on how to build your own scenarios and mechanisms, supplying dos and don'ts, tips and tricks, and a ton of examples for you to bring to the tabletop. So go ahead and pick up one copy for yourself (and one copy for the table) and create some memorable experiences with Conflict PvP!
    7. More Stuff...
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    Sample Pages

    • Page 8. Terms & Lexicon, New PvP Concepts and Glossary page
    • Page 174.Go out, grab an opponent from any of the opposing teams and drag him back alive to your Hallow to be interrogated.
    • Side A. The Thieves Temple Battlemap:Designed for close quarters combat with limited lines of sight. Watch out for rogues and ninjas! (free for a limited time)
    • Side B. The Keeper's Keep Battlemap: The Classic PvP environment, with high and low grounds, environmental danger, and arrow slits! (free for a limited time)
    • Page 66. Map elements are boons, traps, items and creatures that players or teams can purchase and place strategically on the map to provide tactical advantages.
    • Page 142. Add Conflict PvP to any Pathfinder Campaign with GM guidelines on how to handle defeated characters, experience points, and more.

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